Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics is an independent, private non-profit foundation that was founded in Bremen in 1954. Combining tradition with modern science, and ensuring that innovative ideas are developed into solutions with practical applicability, ISL has positioned itself as one of Europe’s leading institutes in the area of maritime research, consulting and knowledge transfer.

The Institute has internationally recognized expertise in the areas of Logistics systems, Maritime economics and transport and Information logistics. Today, around 60 employees at offices in Bremen and Bremerhaven participate in projects for partners from the public and private sector, at both national and international level (China and South-East Asia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Russia and Ukraine).


The Department of Maritime Economics and Transport advises clients from the areas of politics, business and administration on matters relating to shipping, harbours including their hinterland and shipbuilding operations. In-depth analyses of influencing factors and interdependencies as well as the development of forecasts for the markets of the maritime economy serve as a basis for our work in this field. Our experts also compile concepts for transportation policy on a regional, national and international level and develop qualitative/quantitative approaches to planning and modelling traffic infrastructure for ground and maritime transportation.


Leader of WP8, on several aspects of platform’s deployment, logistics, servicing, safety, maintenance and decommissioning.

Additional contribution to WP1, WP3 and WP9 on economic viability studies.