Viking Fish Farms Ltd. is a commercial fish farming company and research organisation, which carries out both in-house and publicly funded research in marine aquaculture whilst also producing commercial quantities (sold to farmers in the UK and elsewhere) of turbot, ballan wrasse, Dover sole, and sea urchin juveniles; native and Pacific oyster spat; and seaweeds.

The Ardtoe Marine Laboratory, originally established in 1965 as a publicly funded aquaculture research station, was acquired by Viking Fish Farms Ltd in 2005. The unit has gained an international reputation in the development of techniques for rearing species such as turbot, sole, cod, haddock, halibut lobsters and scallops. It houses some of the largest marine experimental facilities in the UK, with tank ranging from 3 litre aquaria to 160 m3 GCS units, and has extensive photoperiod and temperature controlled multi-replicate experimental tank systems.


The Ardtoe team has recognized know-how and hands-on experience in several aspects of offshore aquaculture and multi-trophic aquaculture systems.

The company is currently expanding its interests in the marine renewable energy sector, including the use of low energy wave generation systems for powering offshore aquaculture facilities, and the production of seaweeds for the generation of syngas. The company has a lease on a 6.2 ha area of sea adjacent to its base at Ardtoe, which site it intends to use for the development of the above technologies.

Recent and current research projects have been supported by funds from Highlands & Islands Enterprise, Lochaber Enterprise, the UK Seafish Industry Authority, the EU Northern Periphery Programme, EU FP7 and commercial SME’s (fish farms, feed companies, pharmaceutical suppliers). The unit has been licenced by the UK Home Office as an approved fish research facility.


Leader of WP7, dedicated to specify and design an integrated self-contained offshore aquaculture system for the combined culture of finfish, seaweeds, sea urchins and bivalve molluscs.

Additional contribution to WP1, WP3, WP8, WP9, WP10 and WP11.