Chlamys is a private company, based in Italy and established in 2000, working in aquaculture and ecology fields. The key areas for the company are: management of production units in the Mediterranean sea; design of new units with regards to cages, nets, moorings, equipments; siting of new farms; assessment of environmental impact of aquaculture; assessment of pollution on aquatic organisms; welfare in farmed fish.

One of the company’s focuses is on designing and setting up new marine farms and off-shore aquaculture systems.

Chlamys core business involves working mainly for private companies, but it also carries out research work for or in connection with public authorities in the fields of fish health and welfare, contaminants in feeds, in fish genetic, and design of multitrophic systems.


Chlamys experience lies in the assessment of environmental impact with special reference to marine organism, selection of suitable sites and species for aquaculture purposes, design of new equipment for fish farming and design of logistics in production units.


Leader of WP9 on impact assessment , particularly focused on environmental and economic aspects of the integrated platform.

Additional participation in WP1, WP2, WP7, WP8, WP10 and WP11.