VirtualPiE Ltd is a specialist consultancy and research company providing integrated engineering services, new product development and advanced software simulation. VirtualPiE has developed specialised software and test facilities for the design of containment structures including seals and flow control systems for aggressive environments including sub-sea, process reactors and downhole/offshore oil/gas installations. Most recently it has worked on a wide range of renewable energy systems including the development of more robust power take off units for wave energy converters.

The BHR Group (part of VirtualPiE Ltd since 2011) undertakes a wide variety of engineering consultancy and research services. Included in this are component, system, structure, vehicle and platform level engineering design for products operating in the extreme operating environments. It has been involved in these fields for over 60 years and has some 75 staff and specialised laboratories executing design verification, testing and the development of novel technologies. It uses both physical and mathematical modelling to investigate fluid structure interactions for large civil structures i.e. dams and flood barriers as well as smaller scale marine and process engineering systems.


The BHR Group has solid expertise in several areas of interest to the project, including: fluid hydrodynamic and dispersion modelling, advanced computational fluid dynamics, fluid power conversion, power take off systems, sealing and pipeline systems, pipe network distribution, hose systems, high pressure high temperature gas seals, gas-liquid mixing.

In H2Ocean it will focus on fluid dynamics and mechanics at all scales.


Leader of WP2 on the scientific and technological coordination of the project.

Additional participation in WP1, WP3, WP4 leading the development of a water based power take off system for the wind turbine, WP5 leading the testing of the fluid dynamics in the hydrogen generator, WP6, WP9, leading tasks on the platform’s environmental impact simulation, the evaluation of other activities that can be incorporated in the platform and to quantify key environmental data for system and supply chain, WP10 and WP11.