Floating Power Plant (FPP) is a limited company of Denmark established in 2004. FPP has over 12 years of experience in developing and executing off-shore wave and floating wind projects, including 3 off-shore test periods.

FPP has extensive experience and know-how in wave energy and wind energy on floating foundations for deep sea. This has been gained through the development of its own proprietary technology (Poseidon). The integrated Poseidon technology is based on:

- A large and stable floating platform for deep sea deployment with

- highly efficient build in wave absorption units

- Wind turbine(s) mounted on the ultra-stable platform serving as foundation

FPP is currently developing and engineering the first commercial 4MW unit, which will be the first of a larger array.


FPPs extremely stable floating platform including WECs will be the basis for the coupling with vertical axis wind turbines. Collaboration on R&D, test and demonstration activities include DTU-Risø (on traditional horizontal axis wind turbines), the Danish Hydraulic Institute DHI-Water & Environment and other industrial partners like Siemens, Jotun, Knud E. Hansen and Fritz Schur Energy.


FPP will have a major role in WP4, related to wave/wind power harvesting, and in WP10 dealing with technology integration.

Besides, it will also contribute to WPs 1, 2, 3, 9 and 11.