Sustainable Tecnologies offers outsourced R&D services and engineering services, as well as editorial and higher education services. The company is also the exclusive distributor in Italy and Spain of the biogas laboratory instruments of Swedish company Bioprocess Control AB.

Besides its own know-how, the Company relies on a network of 60 scientists in several Countries, with expertise in the areas of Renewable Energies, Biomass and vegetable oil marketing, Sustainable Construction and Energy Certification of Buildings.

Sustainable Technologies has won several international prizes: from the Rockefeller Foundation for a humanitarian project (Kerala, India; 2010), the «The Economist-InnoCentive Reverse Climate Challenge» with a project presented at «The Economist’s Ideas Economy : Intelligent Infrastructure Event» (Pace University, New York; 2011), the Italian Green Vision 2011 award, from the American Environmental Defense Fund for an idea on biological capture of agricultural nitrates (2011), and from the American Consumer Electronics Association to the best idea for recycling old cathode ray tubes (2012).


Sustainable Technologies has expertise in wind turbine design, modeling and engineering (both HAWT and VAWT), as well as in waste treatment, energy production (biogas) from organic waste and bioremediation.

The company has done specific research on the methane production potential of fisherys marine bottom sludge.


Main contribution to WP7, leading the investigation on the use of excess seaweed biomass as feedstock for an anaerobic digester to produce methane.

Additional participation in WP1, WP3, WP9 and WP11.