The Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) group at Cranfield University supports national and international marine/offshore renewables and the Oil & Gas sector.  The group was a founding member of NOVA (Novel Offshore Vertical Axis), the first ETI (Energy Technologies Institute) consortium to be funded and has a prominent role in major projects concerned with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), EPSRC/EoN, MATTRAN (Materials for Next Generation CO2 Pipeline Transport Systems), offshore biofuel feedstock cultivation (SeaGreen), Wave and Tidal Stream (DeltaStream) developments.

In addition to technology development and assessment, the group has a highly active commercial business development activity particularly in the Clean Tech sector considering techno-economic-environmental assessments, carbon trading and supply chain development.


The team are international leaders in the field of offshore and marine renewable energy devices and has a strong background in vertical axis wind turbines both onshore and offshore.

The strengths of the team are not only in the specialist subjects of aero and hydrodynamic modelling but it had a deep rooting in structural reliability and durability and a strong track record in testing at small and large/full scale.


Leader of WP4 on the design and modelling of a hybrid wave converter with incorporation of vertical axis wind turbine and with water based power take off system.

Additional participation in WP1, WP10 and WP11.