IT Power is an international renewable energy consultancy founded in 1981 that provides advisory services in sustainable energy and climate change to clients around the world. It has offices in UK, India, China, Australia, Argentina and Kenya, serving their local regions, and works for governments, UN, World Bank and other multinational agencies as well as public companies and private clients. It has completed over 1.000 projects in 100 countries.

IT Power has expertise in a wide range of renewable energy technologies: solar, wind, wave, tidal, biomass, and hydro, as well as in energy efficiency. The company has a track record of practical involvement in the installation of renewable energy projects, and in research and development for new technologies. We also have wide experience in naval architecture services, namely in dealing with both static and dynamic effects of floating marine energy devices including sea keeping and ship motions, hydrostatic and dynamic stability criteria and mooring loads and configurations. Naval architecture studies during the design can greatly increase the probability of swift and hassle free installation and deployment procedures and equipment, reducing the cost of risk by increasing certainty to loading providing better estimates of the effect of weather on operations.

ITP has considerable experience in technology research, development and demonstration, project management and commercialisation of technologies.


IT Power’s Marine Group focuses on developing the ocean energy market. It provides a range of services to the industry, from site surveys, resource assessments and feasibility studies to engineering modelling, design and project management. The company is ISO 9001:2000 accredited.

The company has also experience in commissioning and testing a number of offshore renewable energy devices. ITP pioneered the development of a tidal stream demonstrator in 1997. Subsequently the company secured the investment to lead further research into the same device, resulting in the pioneering installation of the Seaflow 300kW marine current turbine off the north coast of Devon in 2003. ITP is currently providing technical assistance for several different ocean energy technologies including the Pulse Tidal 100kW project.


Leader of WP10 on technology integration into the whole platform design.

Additional participation in WP1, WP2, WP3 on the requirement analysis for the platform based on selected locations, WP4, WP6, WP8 leading the outlining of a conceptual maintenance strategy for the offshore platform and its integrated systems, WP9 on the environmental impact scoping study and WP11.