Located on the West coast of Scotland near Oban close to the heartland of the Scottish aquaculture industry, Fusion Marine Ltd is one of the world's leading suppliers of fish farming equipment.

The plastic fish farm cage systems developed by FML have an enviable reputation for quality, strength and versatility. Manufactured from polyethylene, FML cages are used around the world in inshore and exposed offshore locations for species such as salmon, bream and tuna.

In recent years, FML has diversified its range of operations to include hydro piping systems and bespoke outdoor solutions for the leisure industry. Hence, besides aquaculture equipment, FML is also supplier of large diameter polyethylene piping systems for hydro-electric power schemes in the Scottish Highlands, equipment made from recycled plastic for outdoor and indoor applications (including walkways, fences and pontoons), and marine pontoons for customers on the Scottish west coast.


Fusion Marine Ltd holds 20 years’ experience in aquaculture equipment for inshore and open sea environments. The company offers a one-stop shop for the aquaculture industry, and as well as fish farm cages, supplies moorings, pontoons, anti-predator equipment, live fish transfer systems, feeding systems and hatcheries. FML’s Polycraft workboat is widely used by fish farmers and other operators in a number of marine sectors.

A key factor behind the company’s success has been its ability to adapt and innovate. In the last few years this has resulted in developments such as the massive TRITON sea-cage for open sea tuna farming and a new modular safety decking system for fish farm cages.

It has also experience with renewable energy systems and polyethylene floating structures.


Main contribution to WP7, closely working with Viking Fish Farms Ltd., on the specifications and design of the aquaculture management and service facilities.

Additional participation in WP1 and WP8.