AWS Truepower SLU (formerly Meteosim Truewind SL) is a Spanish company, located at Barcelona Science Park, specialized in renewable energy consulting and information services.

AWS Truepower has in-depth knowledge and expertise in solar and wind project development both, on land and offshore. In-house meteorologists engineers and field technicians employ advanced computer models and high-resolution resource maps and rigorous measure-correlate-predict (MCP) analysis.

Most of the products and services are based in the meteorological model MASS (Mesoscale Atmospheric Simulation System) ; and the portfolio of solutions includes : high-resolution resource maps (MesoMap®, SiteWind®), online prospecting tools (windNavigator®), wind farm design and optimization software (openWind®), wind resource modelling, energy production forecasting, site identification and evaluation, on-site resource measurement, grid interconnection analysis, noise analysis, economic and financial analysis.


AWS Truepower has large experience in the development and application of advanced atmospheric simulation models for wind energy resource mapping and expertise in the development of web-based GIS (Geographic Information Systems) tools.


Coordinator of H2OCEAN.

Leader of WP1, responsible for the general management and administration of the project.

Leader of WP3, for the development of a software tool (web-based GIS) for selection of optimal locations and platform specifications.

Additional participation in WP2, WP8, WP9 and WP11.